quarta-feira, 27 de junho de 2012

Don’t leave the room...

It takes a brave person to keep an open mind. Sometimes though, the mind wins over the heart and personalities clash. It then becomes difficult to see the blessing in every encounter; to see the lesson in every handshake. Oh that wretched ego that comes forth camouflaged in creativity, confidence and a willful purpose. Over confident, ambitious and demanding the ego seeks self assertion. With an unyielding and purposeful restlessness, it broods until there is nothing left but a shared delirium, and a bitter distance; because questions were not asked; because expectations fell short of the ideal… Don’t leave the room when the talk gets tough. Even if you don’t contribute to the conversation, it’s always good to listen to the other people’s point of view. The world is made up of different people... and controversial ideas. 


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