sexta-feira, 21 de dezembro de 2012

Like a comanche, not a cowboy.

You make me forget about problems, bitchy friends, rocks, everything. I think about our memories daily. I wish I could just tell you what’s up. How I feel about you. I have a drawer filled with notes and thoughts and drawings and memories that I’d like to give you, but I’m not sure if you think “Oh, well fuck you!” Maybe I care about you too much. I couldn’t even imagine my life without knowing you. I find it funny that it was you the guy who used to say random stuff about me, France, révolution, hahaha, and things out of the blue, who had the strangers girlfriends who didn’t really know how lucky she was to have you. The guy who I can really feel like myself around, and the only person in the world that makes me laugh always. I just feel so special with you like my best friend. You’ll be happy, because you’re fun in every way to me. The way you smile, your beautiful eyes, your perfect or imperfect hair, your voice and the way you laugh and joke around. It’s a manifesto, almost. And if the world ends in 2012, hahaha, OMG! I will survive! I hope you know that. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I really do care. 



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