quarta-feira, 19 de dezembro de 2012

Rebellious streak

"I make my coffee every morning at home in New York. Of course it's disgusting and I could buy a much better one from the place downstairs, but things are always better when you make them yourself. I don't think there's anything a person can't do alone. Except change sex. Although come to think of it, you can even do that !"
Which leads us to the question that's been burning our lips. If Sean O'Pry were a woman, who would he be ? He answers without a second's hesitation : "My mom". "She's a saint, she always puts other people's happiness first". And someone in the public eye ? A female role model ? He thinks, then shoots out the answer, grinning : "If I were a woman, I'd be every woman so I could spend my time fondling my breats". We tell him this is word for word a line by an amazing actor in a classic French film, François Truffaut's -Bed and board (1970). He grins, delighted by his impromptu quote. He says he's heard of New Wave cinema but his personal favourites are '40s and '50s American movies. "Basically, I went from American pie to Casablanca. I've been a huge fan of Humphrey Bogart, Montgomery Clift, Clark Gable ever since". Does he dream of an acting career ? "No. My dream is to watch a runway show. You know I've never been invited [laughs] !" 

Bonjour Sean!

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