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Wilhelmina Cooper

Willhelmina-Vogue UK-1961
Dutch born Wilhelmina Cooper was a supermodel who began with Ford Models and in 1967, at the peak of her success, founded her own agency, Wilhelmina Models, in New York City. Willy met with Eileen and Jerry Ford at Ford Models in New York City. They signed her to the agency, and she soon became one of the highest paid models of the 1960s.

Us Vogue- Jan-1963- by Irving Penn
Us Vogue- 1963
Us Vogue- 1963 - by Irving penn
Us Vogue- 1964
Wilhelmina died March 1, 1980 at the age of 40 years old, but not before she secured her last cover of a major fashion magazine. Upon her death, she Wilhelmina had set the record at 27 for the most covers by a single model on the American edition of Vogue. That record has yet to be broken today. After her death more than 20 years later, the agency which bears her name continues to have name recognition and respect not in the United States, but in ever major fashion market around the planet.
Bonjour Willy!

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