quarta-feira, 26 de setembro de 2012

Dogs by ManRabbit

You want good art?  You want a good artist? 
ManRabbit is thunderous art.  Art that blasts forth from fingertips and minds like zinging lightning striking with wild and reckless abandon, burning our peculiar multi-color mark of art into everything we touch.

Sometimes quietly, sometimes with building tension, sometimes art that screams “Get the hell over here and start the head banging!”

You want art that makes your heart swell with pride, art that shows off you and your awesome product.  You want something that is not corporate and dead and off-white lifeless, you want something with pop and zip and hellfire and sweet bitter dark chocolate, something with curly cues and hand drawn lines, sharp corners and heavy thick marks.

We are lovers of life, lovers of the inferno that burns within each of us, that (if you’re the right person) burns hot and heavy and bright deep inside you.

Bonsoir Rabbit!


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