domingo, 28 de outubro de 2012

November unsettling

Hello there, November. Fancy seeing you in a world like this? Can I buy you a drink? No? Do you like good music? Do you like me? Do you like different stuff? What would you prefer? Enough triple-charged words, to send you out to Mars? I think we've got the night for you with the return enough blather to turn you. Our Maitre serving us up a main course of bodies, mouths and voices for delectable consumption. Tut tut, but what will our main course be, November? What treats await us?

Dress up to the nines and we'll open the door for you, november. Our words may be polished or our words may be rough, but they'll be sincerely for you. As long as we can go steady. And if we need further advice on the practicalities, the collective will provide advice and wisdom stored in the printed words, providing us surprising sweets.

Bonjour everyday!

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